What is BIG?

Located in the CryptoValley (Zug, Switzerland), we are a passionate team of full-time Blockchain and crypto investors. We specialize in investing in ICOs and Undervalued Altcoins and will share all information with our community for free! We focus on ICOs and undervalued altcoins | finding the rough diamonds out there. Our videos are short and focused on the essentials for us investors. Ask us any related question, we try to answer all of them: big@blockchaininvestors.eu

Cryptocurrency Experts

We advise you on your Token Generation Event (TGE / ICO). Whitepaper, marketing and engagement are important factors for your success. With our help you can make it happen.

We also help you attracting significant capital from accredited only investors for your project or affiliated sources.

Block Chain Marketing & Influencer Network

Marketing is decisive to make change happen during your ICO. We specialized in marketing for blockchain industry and are connected with many influencers from that niche. Their followers will make a difference for you.

Teaching & Spreading the Word

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Our Experts

Sascha Gh

Co-Founder and CEO

Kledi Nenaj

Co-Founder & CEO

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